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Getting into a routine

By bzdani 01 Oct 2019

Here are some top tips as to how to love and stick to your routine.

1) Fuel that brain.

All the stereotypes of a productive day apply, including – breakfast. Cereals and toast is a cheap and healthy breakfast (just under a £1) but if you’re looking for more sustenance then pop into Blas or Callaghans on campus for a breakfast roll (3 items for £2.25, or 5 items in a baguette for £3.25). Breakfast is also served until 11.30am at the Cegin outlet in the Core at the Bay Campus.

2) Making it to your lectures will keep you on track.

Going to your lectures will not only keep you on track but will give you an opportunity to speak to your peers and your lecturer about the course.

3) Early bird: Schedule your important, decision making tasks for the morning early on in your day – that way you’ll be more alert to make good decisions. 

 4) Finish your day in a relaxing way – read your favourite book, listen to some relaxing music: this way you’ll be more likely to have a good night’s sleep.

5) A day of keeping a Record: record everything you do for 1 day and then note how they made you feel. Wherever possible, keep the things that made you feel good and reduce unwanted activities.

6) Create a schedule and plan sleep time and downtime as well.

It’s all essential for maximizing your day and your routine.

7) Adjust to your natural rhythm. If you’re not an early bird, you're just not- you might be more productive in the afternoon – self-awareness is key here.