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Download your FREE Campus Safety App!

By Estatescomms 08 Oct 2019

Did you know that we have a free app service to help give round-the-clock safety reassurance to staff and students?

Yup, it's called 'SafeZone'.

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What is SafeZone?

SafeZone is a free personal safety app, that gives you immediate access to on-campus security and a team of first responders through the touch of a button. If you or a friend find yourself in danger or in a medical emergency, you can use SafeZone to get help quickly.

What areas are covered?

At present, Swansea University's team of security staff and first responders cover all areas on the Bay Campus, Singleton Park Campus and other regions including St David's Park, the Sport Centre and Hendrefoilan Student Village. 

Visit this page to see the full list of regions covered.

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How do I get SafeZone?

  1. Go to safezoneapp.com and follow the simple instructions for your device.
  2. Once you have downloaded the free app, simply enter your email address, select Swansea University, then follow the easy on-screen instructions.

What happens next?

If you need assistance or want to check-in, just follow the simple on-screen instructions on your app. You won’t be tracked until you raise an alert or choose to check in!

Find Out More About SafeZone

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