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Are you in need of some revision fuel?

By bzbeth 02 May 2020

During exam season, you're focused on revision, deadlines and how long you're spending in the library but it's important to have a rest too...

It may even be more important.

You're guaranteed to burn out if you're constantly on the go, meaning that you won't have the energy to do any of the revision and essay writing that needs doing.

Sounds like something you usually struggle with? Here are some study break activities that you can do to keep you going:

If you're studying on campus... 

  1. Pop your earphones in: Create a playlist of motivational songs, or use one a Spotify one that will keep you going. A podcast might come in handy too if that's your kinda thing. Don't put it on too loud though because it'll end up distracting you.
  2. Keep a stress ball handy: Lord knows it can be essential during exam season! Seen as you can't keep huffing and puffing when you're getting stressed in the silent area of the library, this will be the next best thing.
  3. Have a nice lunch: Venture onto campus and see what the catering outlets have to offer. Getting some nice food will allow you to break away for a good amount of time and come back with a fresh mind.
  4. Go for a wander: Have a 10-minute walk around campus to get some fresh air and see if there's anything going on that's worth your attention. You might even bump into a friendly and familiar face to catch-up with to pass some time.
  5. Get up every hour: Whether you're working in a café, library or computer room, just get up, go get a drink and nip to the loo. It'll get you away from your books/laptop for a while and prevent you from getting uncomfortable.

If you're studying at home...

  1. Put on some background music: You need something quite relaxing that won't distract you from what you're doing. Unfortunately, putting all your favourite singalong songs on won't do you any favours because you won't end up getting much work done.
  2. Make some snacks: In the morning or even the night before, you could prepare some snacks to have throughout your study session. Think healthy; fruit salads, houmous and carrot sticks, overnight oats and nuts. All of these will go down a treat!
  3. Give someone a call: Whilst in the comfort of your own room or living area, hearing a familiar voice could make everything feel better, so take some time to give someone a call. It might be exactly the motivation that you need! 
  4. Have a cleaning break: Getting a bit stuck on revision? Take 30 minutes off to do little chores and/or cleaning, if that's how you like to relax. By the time you've done, you'll have some inspiration to carry on studying. What would Mrs Hinch do..?
  5. Have a quick nap: This is a pretty risky one. If you know that naps make you unproductive then just avoid this at all costs, but if you're a fan of an occasional nap then set an alarm for half an hour and nap away!

Remember, if you're studying in a public space you want to avoid bringing any attention to yourself and/or distracting others. If you're at home, you have a bit more freedom but be careful not to give in to the distractions - you'll find that there can be LOT!

Otherwise, these little tips and tricks should give you a helping hand when it comes to writer's block or an awkward revision hurdle that you just can't seem to get over...

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