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9 Things To Know Before You Come to Swansea

By Estatescomms 05 Aug 2019

  1.  Don’t bring a car. 
    Chances are, you won’t be able to park. Check out alternative transport.

  2.  Sign up to My Travel Pass
    You can make some amazing savings on bus fares.

  3. Download SafeZone
    Our campus safety app is completely free to download and use, and it’s really handy.
    Three people walking away from the law building
  4. Look into a Santander Cycles membership
    Swansea Uni Students get 50% off!
  5. Find out where to eat
    There are loads of places to grab a bite.
  6. Look into gym memberships
    Affordable memberships at campus-based gyms – winning!
    Woman in Black Sleeveless Crop-top and White Leggings Using a Butterfly Machine in Front of a Mirror
  7. Sign up to the Sustainability Award
    Meet new people, have fun and earn HEAR points.
  8. Check out our Grounds
    They’re award winning!
  9. Visit the SSSI
    A walk on the beach in between lectures…what could be better?