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7 everyday habits of happy people

By BzBarlow 20 Mar 2020

No matter our ambitions, our beliefs or our experiences, there is one universal thing that binds us all - we all want to be happy.

But as simple as this sounds, sometimes it's harder to achieve than we think it is...

You might get annoyed at those people on Insta that always seem really happy but they're that way because they have happy habits, more likely anyway!

Here are 7 to follow to help put happiness well within your reach and maintain a positive mindset:

  1. Wake up at the same time every day
    It'll regulate your bodily rhythms, making it easier for you to wake up and feel more energised. Plus rising early enhances your ability to focus which will make solving any problems a lot easier...

  2. Anticipate
    Having something to look forward to always helps whether it's weekly, every fortnight or even once a month. A coffee date with an old friend, a flat meal, or a Netflix-binge day to reward all that coursework. What are you waiting for? Get organising those plans!
  3. "Fall seven times and stand up eight"
    When one thing knocks you back it's easy to feel like shots are being fired at you from all angles. So start being resilient and learn from your mistakes and come back fighting.
  4. Set goals
    Happy people see the difficult tasks they have as a challenge to complete them first- then breathe a huge sigh of relief when they're finished! It reduces stress which increases happiness too. 
  5. Think yourself happy
    Simply trying to be happy can boost your emotional wellbeing. People who actively try to be happy have the most positive moods - believe it or not. So, if you're having an off day just smile your way through it...
  6. Do something selfless
    Kindness is contagious. When you do something good for someone your brain produces hormones that make it easier to build relationships with them, sending positive feelings all round. Basically, it's good karma!
  7. Be selfish when you need to be
    If someone asks for help with something and it makes you feel anxious, it's ok to say no. Sometimes it's vital to put your own needs before others because well, that's what happy people do.

Seen as today is International Happiness Day, embrace it and hopefully banish your negative vibes for the rest of your year not just today! 

Remember, while some things can be changed, others can't. Learn to accept them and find positives in them...

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