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How to connect games consoles to StudentCom

By SCRhys 18 Aug 2016

To connect your Xbox One, PS3 or any other devices to the internet at your accommodation, you need to associate the MAC address of the device to your account.

The MAC address is a unique, 12 character identifier of the hardware installed in the device, e.g. an Xbox Ethernet adapter.

Here's how to find it on an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One... 

Or, find it on a PS3 or PS4...

Now you have it, watch this video for out how to add your device to your account!

  1.  Log into 'My Account'
  2. Select 'Manage Devices'
  3. Add the MAC address 
    (You can omit the colons (:) or dashes (-))
  4. Reboot your device after it has been associated to your account
    (It can take up to an hour for the association to complete)

You can also add Smart TVs to your account. These devices will normally have the MAC address printed on a sticker, or will be available through the settings menus.

If you experience any problems, please contact the Service Desk.

Note: For security purposes, you can have up to five devices associated to your account, and you cannot add computers, printers, smartphones or tablets as associated devices.

Check out the StudentCom Help channel for more information about using your account.