Your private accommodation shopping list

By JordanBrowzer 24 May 2020

When you move into your new house you want it to go as smoothly as possible so you can unpack and relax, or even go out for a celebratory tea with your housemates.

So to save you moving in and realising you've forgotten something major, or that every one of your housemates has brought a toaster, we've got a private accommodation shopping list that has all the essentials you will need. 

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Bear in mind, you may already have some of these items which you can bring from your uni halls. It also may be a good idea to have a discussion with your housemates about all chipping in for communal items like a microwave.

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Kitchen - Some essentials that will come in handy and may have slipped your mind are chopping boards, a cheese grater and a casserole dish. You'll be a wiz in the kitchen in no time.

Bathroom - If your shower is over a bath it may be worth investing in a new shower curtain. You can get these pretty cheap from anywhere but here are some options.

Bedroom - Having a mattress protector is essential, especially as you don't know who has been in that bed before you. If you want to go all out, a mattress topper will become your best friend turning your uncomfortable mattress into a luxury one.

Extras -  If you are lucky enough to have a garden where you can hang your washing out then remember you're still in the UK so sunny days don't come around often. A clothes horse is definitely necessary.

Happy shopping!

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