Want to become a mentor?

By DomBrowzer 24 Apr 2020

We are looking for current students to help new autistic students to settle into University life starting this September. This is an opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge of being a student at Sheffield Hallam and help an autistic student to:

  • Make friends, develop hobbies and integrate into the community
  • Get to know academic support systems
  • Get to know the university
  • Consider how to manage their time
  • Help to solve problems as your student settles in

Interested? Email and write ‘I want to be a mentor’ in the subject title.

A short application form will be sent to interested students. Once you apply, you will need to complete some training about autism awareness and the mentoring role. You will then be matched to a new student who would like a mentor. Due to Coronavirus, it is not currently known whether mentoring will be delivered remotely or in person, but further guidance will be given in line with Government advice. Support is provided to all mentors by Inclusive Support.