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Virtual Zumba

By DomBrowzer 10 Apr 2020

Hallam from Home does Zumba! 

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm & Thursdays 5pm-6pm

with our Coordinating Chaplain Helena Roulston

Zumba on Zoom!

Zumba like never before, in your own home, and bring the family too!

If you have a speaker you may want to connect it up for louder sound and make sure you have water close by.

To join the session please email before 4pm on the day of the class.

Please ensure that you create a good space for yourself too and remember to be aware of any possible trip hazzards around you.


*NB Zumba classes are not suitable for those who are pregnant or have injuries. 

This is a closed class for households of Sheffield Hallam students and members of Hallam Active- Please do not share the link with others