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Think before you send!

By VickyBrowzer 11 Feb 2020

Has anyone ever asked you to send them a risqué photo?

If they have, you might want to really consider it before you do something you might regret...

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Tuesday 11th of Feb is Safer Internet Day and one huge problem we have in recent time is hack and publishing of photos online, aka revenge porn. Revenge porn is when sexually explicit videos or images of someone are published online without their knowledge or consent and it's been against the law for nearly 2 years now. In the first year, 206 people were prosecuted for sharing images online, so don't risk your photos falling into the wrong hands!

If that doesn't convince you, here are 5 reasons why sending risqué photos isn't always the best idea:

1. You could accidentally send it to the wrong person
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We've all sent a text to the wrong person before, so imagine how incredibly awkward it would be for the text to include a risky picture too? If your boyfriend is called Dan, and he's one contact above Dad, seriously don't even bother!

2. Your mum, friend or boss might see it
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By leaving your phone lying around you risk it being picked up and before you know it, they've seen EVERYTHING. And if you leave it in public your photos are the first place to look to identify who the phone belongs to...

3. Think of the group chats
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Once the picture is sent, it is completely out of your control what happens next. Friendship groups all have WhatsApp chats so it's more or less guaranteed your picture will be shared with their mates. 

4. "Stop scrolling, stop scrolling, STOP SCROLLING!"
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You know when you show your Gran a picture on your phone and then she starts making her way through the rest of your camera roll? Well, what would you do if she scrolled one picture too far? Awks.

5. What happens if you have an argument?
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How do you know if the person you've sent it to won't get angry and send it to people you know or post it on social media? Exactly. Once that picture/video has been sent, you don't know where it'll end up.

On a serious note, please be careful when it comes to sending photos and if someone has trusted you with a photo, NEVER pass it on.