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Things to do in Sheffield

By JordanBrowzer 14 Dec 2018

Sheffield - a city famous for its music, culture, and comedy!

And although Sheffield is a city, everything that you need is within walking distance of Sheffield Hallam Uni and The Pinnacles, so no need to worry about finding spare change for the bus. Here are just a few of the things you can do in the Steel City:

  • Visit Meadowhall
    A large complex of shops and restaurants ranging from Primark to MenKind it's the perfect place to shop for special occasions or just to treat yourself! There are also plenty of places to eat if you fancy a break from the shopping.

  • Sheffield Botanical Gardens
    Walk through the natural beauty of the Sheffield Botanical Gardens and appreciate all the beautiful colour and scents around you. This is a perfect place for those Insta shots, or to practice your photography and drawing skills.
  • Laser Tag
    Fancy being a kid again? There are loads of places in Sheffield where you can have a game of laser tag! Let go of your adult responsibilities and just live in the moment - there's also bound to be student discounts available.
  • Rock out at a gig
    Sheffield is home to the O2 Academy and other venues where you can catch your favourite music. We also have loads of musicals and theatre events in the city to suit everyone's tastes.
  • Take a trip to the Peak District
    Wander into the wilderness and take a breath of fresh crisp Yorkshire air! Walk, cycle or even travel by horse and view what the peak district has to offer you. There are plenty of villages nearby for you to stop and sample some of the local foods and drinks.
  • Escape rooms
    Test your knowledge and problem-solving skills in Sheffield's escape room named Crack the Code. You have 60 minutes to work your way through various rooms with challenging puzzles. Can you get out in time?
  • Sheffield Winter Garden
    Whilst taking a gander at what shops and stalls Sheffield has to offer you, why not stop by the Winter Garden. Lovely views whilst having a sandwich and drink, it's the perfect temporary escape from the busy city life.

Watch our video to see just how close The Pinnacles is to Hallam and everything that the city centre has to offer!