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Things to do during Freshers Week

By AdamBlogger 09 Sep 2019

Most freshers are usually very paranoid about how their first week will go; I know I was!

So here a few tips to make your first weeks at Hallam as good as they can be:

1. Experience Sheffield

There is more to Sheffield than bars and clubs, it has so many brilliant places to visit. You should try to experience some of them in your first few weeks here! From the many great (and free) museums, to quirky independent stores, there is something for everyone in The Steel City. My personal favourite is the Peace Gardens near the Town Hall, which is a large open space which is often transformed for a variety of events including Pride and the Summer Beach.


2. Get out of your comfort zone!

As hard as this may be for some, you need to try to get out of your comfort zone during Freshers’ Week, because it can drastically change your time at Hallam. Hear talking down the hall? Go and investigate! People from your flat are going out? Tag along! As silly and obvious as that sounds, you may struggle to fit in with your other flatmates if they have already established a friendship group. Push yourself, it’s worth it.

3. Try some local food places

This may be hard for some to believe, but there are other places to eat except McDonalds and Dominos! There are hundreds of independently ran and varied places to eat in Sheffield that offer great food and not at very expensive prices either. Here are a few of the places I’d recommend trying out:


Humpit: As bizarre as the name may sound at first, the Hummus & Pitta Bar behind the Orchard Square Shopping Centre is a must try if you like Mediterranean cuisine. You can get cheap salad bowls and great Falafel.

The Street Food Chef: Located near the Cantor Building, this is the best-rated burrito place in Sheffield according to TripAdvisor, and that could very well be true. A true cantina style restaurant, which you can either eat in or take out.


4. Get set up with the Hallam GP surgery

As boring as it may sound, this one is important. Once you’ve enrolled with Hallam, make sure you go the Student Health services (you can find directions in the Owen Building) and register with the Health Service. Being in a new city with thousands of new students can make becoming ill very easy. Someone may come with a contagious illness and spread it to you in one of the many places you could find yourself during Freshers’ Week. It is better to be safe than be sorry.

5. Enjoy it!

This may sound obvious, but remember, during Freshers Week, you will not be on a full university schedule. This means you will not be going to your typical lectures and seminars every day. Attend as many events as you can during the first week to meet as many people as you can, to make your experience as good as it can be. If you enjoy going out, Sheffield has many great pubs and clubs with a vast array of music and styles for all to enjoy, just don’t overdo it!!

You only get one chance for your first year, so make sure you do as much as you can to make it one to remember.


AdamBlogger is studying Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University and has a passion for all things pop culture.
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