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The results are in…

By SamBrowzer 14 Mar 2017

On Friday 10th March we celebrated the end of the elections period at Results Night.

Candidates donned their best attire to celebrate their hard work, with a drinks reception followed by a cracking buffet and photos. This was the prelude to the most anticipated part of the month/week/day for our candidates, the all-important results!  

Peter Neild your current Activities Officer and current President Emily Wilkes hosted the evening, firstly, introducing Jemima from the AIM society who kicked off the night with two great covers of Ed Sheeran. This was then followed by a roundup of the elections in photos and a video expertly constructed by Peter and Emily themselves. There were then the 'fun awards' Alice Butler (Sports and Physical Activities Officer Candidate) won the award for best video and Katie Harwood (Welfare and Community Officer Candidate) took the award for best banner.

Then it was onto the main event firstly announcing the Faculty Academic Part-Time Representatives;

SBS Faculty Academic Rep is Stephanie Garcia

D&S Faculty Academic Rep is Sabiyah Rafiq

ACES Faculty Academic Rep is Alexandru Nita

HWB Faculty Academic Rep is Terri Vasey

The new liberation representatives were then announced;

Postgraduate Students' Representative - Opeyemi Ojo

International Students' Representative - Sheriff Muhammed

Mature Students' Representative - Esther Clarke

Women's Representative - Sara Wysocka

Disabled Students' Representative - Kashmire Hawker

LGBT+ Students' Representative - Alex Van - Gelder

Part-Time Students' Representative - Helder De Barros

Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Representative - Abdullah Okud

After a short interval it was then onto the Full Time Officer positions. Announcing who will be leading your Students' Union in 2017/18. This was done in the usual-tension filled-fashion - all candidates' votes were displayed on the screen with ascending bar charts, saying goodbye and thank you to candidates who were unable to meet the threshold. The SU uses the 'first past the post' electoral system.

First up was Education Officer which saw Davey Silver - your current Welfare and Community Officer - take the title. Davey asked students to 're-elect the Fresh Prince for Education' after seeing the work Luke Renwick has done this year. 

Bethany Howden was announced as the Activities Officer. Bethany also earlier won the candidates' candidate award, being recognised by her fellow candidates as the most supportive and active campaigner throughout voting week.

Your new Sports and Physical Activities Officer is Josh Nimmins. Who also won the award for best overall campaign.

Mohammed Abdulredha is your new Welfare and Community Officer for 2017/18. Mohammed lead a strong campaign throughout the week even designing a snapchat filter to rake in the votes. 

Finally, Luke Renwick will be heading up the Officers next year as Students' Union President. Luke Renwick is your current Education Officer.

We would like to say congratulations to all our candidates for their dedication shown and the brilliant campaigns led. This year the Students' Union had its best voter turnout ever with 3873 votes! This would not have been possible without the commitment seen from candidates, SU staff and students of Sheffield Hallam.

We wish all our new student representatives luck in their new roles in the next academic year and thank you all for supporting the campaigns. You can catch up on all the action from Friday night over on Facebook.

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