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Taste Hallam's Study Essentials

By SHUcatering 25 Apr 2018

With exam season upon us, we want to help you get the most out of your revision sessions!

Here's some useful info about our catering outlets and a handy list of food related tips to give you that much needed revision boost: 

  • We've extended some of our opening times! Adsetts Cafe is now open 10:30AM - 3PM on Saturdays & Sundays, and Cutting Edge will also be open on Saturdays 11AM - 3PM for when you need that barista coffee fix.wake up coffee GIF by good-morning
  • In the library but got no cash? Top up your SHUcard online and use it in any catering facility! Using your SHUcard gets you discounts too; buy an Essentials range tea or Americano for just £1, AND build up loyalty points as you spend to use in our catering outlets.
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  • Keeping hydrated helps boost your attention span, improves your memory and mood, so make sure you have plenty of water to hand! Stay hydrated for less and get an Essentials range discount of 40p on large bottles of water when you use your SHUcard, or bring a bottle and fill up at the water dispensers around campus.
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  • Our 'Deliciously Nutritious' salads are packed full of vitamins and minerals to help give you that nutritional boost, especially the ones with dark leafy greens like kale and spinach! These contain vitamins and antioxidants that are associated with improvements in memory. So ditch the energy drinks and tuck into some spinach!
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  • Wholegrains, nuts and berries keep you fuller for longer, which means less distraction while you study (and less money spent on snacks!). They're also great for boosting your mood and helping you concentrate. Stop by Charles Street Deli in the morning and get a revision-ready breakfast from the counter and fill up on fruit, granola and yoghurt.
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  • Looking for a refreshing drink that's also healthy? Pop by Cutting Edge for a delicious, real fruit smoothie! We have loads of flavours to choose from. One of our go-to-faves is the "Grape Escape" with grape, blueberry, banana and strawberry as it not only tastes great, but is rich in antioxidants too which helps keep you healthy and can prevent illnesses (great for steering away colds in exam season!)
  • Feeling stressed? A good stress reliever is dark chocolate, as it's said to help reduce blood pressure and also contains magnesium, which is a good mineral for relaxation. So take regular breaks, and join us at Cutting Edge or il Barista for a cuppa and a Willie's dark chocolate mini bar to take the edge off those long library days.

Good luck with your exams!

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