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Surviving & Thriving: Your guide to happiness

By JordanBrowzer 09 Oct 2017

10th October is Mental Health Awareness Day!

Being a student can be hard work - you have to balance your education, money, fitness, and that hectic social life! Plus the added stress of exams and deadlines can be a nightmare. 

We've put together a list of things you can do to improve your mental wellbeing:

  1. Take action into your own hands
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    YOU can take steps to make your life happier. You don't have to start with major changes. Start with simple things, like going to bed earlier. 
  2. Stop being so hard on yourself
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    Stop evaluating and comparing yourself to others, and stop being upset with yourself. Focus on the good things and don't be afraid to look yourself in the mirror and say 'You're pretty awesome!'
  3. Keep your time balanced
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    It's tough trying to balance life, but it's crucial to your health. Have you been revising for 5 hours now? Go for a run, or get some dinner with your friends.
  4. Have close relationships
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    Have people in your life that listen to you when you need and make time for these people. Regularly check in with them and be there when they need you.
  5. Treat yo' self
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    Don't go splurging on material things. Go on holiday, or get together for dinner with friends. An experience is something that you will always carry with you.
  6. Show some gratitude 
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    Send people thank you cards, get your mum flowers; show them you appreciate them. Showing gratitude for someone (and even for what you have) helps boost happiness.
  7. Don't sweat the small things
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    Learn to accept things as they are and let them go. It's okay to go to bed angry. Try to relax and see how you feel in the morning; there's usually no real need to get yourself worked up and stressed out. 
  8. Exercise regularly
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    There's no getting around it, exercise is important. Whether you work out for 7 minutes, 5 days a week or two hours twice a week, you'll feel better, increase your energy levels and reduce tension.
  9. Fake it 'til you make it
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    Smile, act cheery, tell yourself you're beautiful- even if you're angry, or don't believe it. Eventually, your anger will pass, you will feel better, and you will believe it.
  10. Get some fresh air
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    Being in the great outdoors, feeling the wind in your hair and the grass between your toes will make you feel more connected to the earth, boosting your health and happiness.
  11. Cut out the negativity
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    People bringing you down? Figure out if you really want/need them in your life. Feel like you're constantly complaining? Stop it. Learn to look at things differently; positivity attracts positivity.
  12. Change your perspective
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    Taking a walk in someone else's shoes can help you appreciate what you have. Similarly, thinking about the good things you have can have a positive impact on your overall happiness.
  13. Challenge yourself
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    Stimulating your brain and challenging yourself = satisfaction. Making small goals for yourself also gives a sense of meaning, direction and focus to your life.
  14. Help others
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    Don't be afraid to hold a door open for a stranger, or help a friend study. Everyone has a story worth telling, all you have to do is listen. It will benefit both of you in the end.

Sheffield Hallam will have stalls at City Campus (Level 2, Owen Building) & Collegiate Campus (Heart of the Campus) on 10th October, 10am - 3pm. Come along for info and tips on how to manage your wellbeing.

Struggling and need some support? Click here.

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