Student Advice Centre - Academic Issues?

By JordanBrowzer 06 Apr 2018

The Student Advice Centre at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is here to help you with your academic issues.

We offer independent advice on your academic problems. Our team of highly trained professionals can support and guide you through the University's regulations and processes. So, if you...

  • Have a question about academic conduct
  • Are unhappy with your course
  • Have been called to a University hearing
  • Wish to appeal against a mark
  • Have a complaint
  • Are experiencing difficult personal circumstances affecting your studies
  • Are wondering about the implications of taking time out of from your course

Be sure to contact us for confidential advice.

Students who have used the Student Advice Centre said they found our staff "very sensitive, understanding and extremely knowledgeable", and felt they "were listened to, treated with respect and given good advice".

The service is AQS accredited, meeting nationally recognised quality standards.

Visit our website for more info and a list of useful FAQ's.