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Stay healthy over summer!

By VickyBrowzer 24 May 2020

Shopping healthy on a budget, meal preparation and attempting to make something edible can seem like a LOT of effort...

The good news is, you don't have to make massive changes to be healthy and you'll be able to stick to them over the summer break!

Try these handy hacks and see how you get on. It'll help you take a step towards a happier and healthier you:

1. Don't diet 

Fad diets just mean that you're limiting what you can and cannot eat so it isn't the best idea. You will lose weight quickly but as soon as you stop, all the weight will pile back on just as fast. Listen to your body instead - everything is good in moderation.

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2. Carry some water 

Hydration is vital to keeping yourself healthy and strong. If you constantly have a water bottle with you and keep it filled, you're more likely to feel awake and less hungry. Say goodbye to headaches!

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3. Pack your lunch

If you've got a summer job or you're going for a walk, take your lunch with you! It may seem time-consuming compared to grabbing something whilst out, but your body will certainly thank you for it. Leave your bank card at home so that you're not even tempted. 

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4. Eat more, but eat less 

It might sound confusing but you should be eating small meals regularly during the day. Eating more helps to keep your metabolism up as long as they aren't huge meals. Keep some of them more snack-like. 

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5. Make mates with your oven 

Say goodbye to the frying pan and hello to the oven! Whenever you can, bake or grill foods instead of frying them for a lower calorie count and healthier option. This is such an easy step but will make a big difference to your body.

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6. Cut back on sugar  

This is easier for some than others but cutting sweets and sugary drinks out of your diet will make such a difference. Try adding fruits to water or snacking on them instead of sugary items and you'll notice your energy levels soar! 

a box filled with different kinds of donuts

7. Snack Prep 

I like fruit, you like fruit, but lets be honest here - fruit is always the suggested snack and it's not always the most entertaining option! Try having some cold cooked meats and boiled eggs in the fridge just for a quick fulfilling bite when you want a little something. Healthy, filling and satisfying!

Remember: sometimes it's better to take baby steps and just make one small change at a time. 

Have a happy, healthy summer!


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