Sheff Speak; Learn t'Talk Reyt...

By BzSarah 26 Jun 2019

Only moved three hours north and feel like you're in a different country? Yorkshire has lots of great highlights and the language is definitely one.

We've translated some key Yorkshire words/phrases to get you started:

  • 'Reyt'' - means OK
  • 'Butty' - is a sandwich
  • 'Bun' - Cake
  • 'Bread cake' - bread roll
  • 'Faffing' - means messing about
  • 'Mardy' - is moody or sulky
  • 'Nesh' - describes someone who suffers in the cold weather
  • 'Lass' - girl/women
  • 'Ta' - means thank you
  • 'Sithi' - means goodbye
  • 'Tret' - means treated
  • 'Loppy' - means dirty
  • 'Quid' - £1 

Greetings and parting phrases

  • 'Ey up' is often used to say hello.
    (Don’t be offended if someone says this to you and walks away before you reply).
  • ‘Cheers,’ can mean ‘Goodbye,’ as well as ‘Thank you.’
  • ‘See you later,’ also means ‘Goodbye' and doesn’t necessarily mean you will see that person later in the day.
  • 'It don't open while 8' means 'It doesn't open until 8 'o' clock'

Meal times 

  • As well as the drink, ‘Tea’ can mean the evening meal/dinner.   
  • You will often hear Sheffield people refer to their midday meal/lunch as ‘Dinner.’
  • Luckily, ‘Breakfast,’ usually means the same thing throughout the UK.

Don't forget ...

Don't faff lookin' for a quid in thi pocket - If tha uses thi SHUcard tha gets points tha can use t'get thi sen a cuppa fo' nowt!

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