Sheff Speak; Learn t'Talk Reyt...

By BzSarah 05 Jun 2014

Only moved three hours north and feel like you're in a different country? Yorkshire has lots of great highlights and the language is definitely one.


We have translated some key Yorkshire words/phrases to get you started:


'Reyt'' - means OK

'Butty' - is a sandwich

'Bun' - Cake

'Bread cake' - bread roll

'Faffing' - means messing about

'Mardy' - is moody or sulky

'Nesh' - describes someone who suffers in the cold weather

'Las' - girl/women

'Ta' - means thank you

'Sithi' - means goodbye

'Tret' - means treated

'Loppy' - means dirty

'Quid' - £1 


Greetings and parting phrases


'Ey up' is often used to say hello.

(Don’t be offended if someone says this to you and walks away before you reply).

‘Cheers,’ can mean ‘Goodbye,’ as well as ‘Thank you.’

‘See you later,’ also means ‘Goodbye' and doesn’t necessarily mean you will see that person later in the day.

'It don't open while 8' mean 'It doesn't open until 8 'o' clock'



Meal times 


As well as the drink, ‘Tea’ can mean the evening meal/dinner.   

You will often hear Sheffield people refer to their midday meal/lunch as ‘Dinner.’

Luckily, ‘Breakfast,’ usually means the same thing throughout the UK.


Don't forget ...

Don't faff lookin' for a quid in thi pocket - If tha uses thi SHUcard tha gets points tha can use t'get thi sen a cuppa fo' nowt !

BzSarah is part of the team and plays the saxophone.
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