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Secure it, Conceal it, Remove it or Lose it

By JordanBrowzer 11 Sep 2019

Every year around 60,000 students arrive in Sheffield

Unfortunately, this also signals the start of an annual spike in burglaries targeting student homes. Moving from halls to a student house is an exciting time, but the comfort of a gated community and 24-hour security suddenly disappears in the transition between first and second year.

Lucy's Story

As a second year student, Lucy and her friends couldn't wait to move into their student house. Yet, in the midst of the excitement, locking doors and hiding valuables away wasn't really on their minds. Within weeks they'd heard stories of students on their street being targeted. In most cases students were out enjoying Freshers' events and coming back to a burgled house which they had forgotten to lock up. 

As part of her studies, Lucy had the opportunity to work with South Yorkshire Police on placement and selected student burglaries as her project focus. Working with SYP, Sheffield Hallam University & University of Sheffield she has been able to develop a student burglary campaign to educate fellow students. 

Make sure you're aware of these simple crime prevention techniques and always be prepared to SECURE IT. CONCEAL IT. REMOVE IT. OR LOSE IT 


Protect your property by following simple home security advice; and to reduce the number of burglaries targeting student properties.

Leaving doors open for housemates/friends to come in and out is like giving a thief an open invitation to steal. There is a personal responsibility to make sure you deal with your own home security both individually and collectively as housemates. You don't want the guilt of losing your bestie's laptop!




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