Recycling on Campus

By SamBrowzer 01 Feb 2016

Sheffield Hallam University is changing the way it recycles, and we need your help to continue to reduce our environmental impact by recycling the right items in the right way.

Last year the University appointed Veolia, who use local facilities to process our waste. Recycling has been streamlined throughout our estate so now you can recycle:

  • paper (except paper cups*),
  • cardboard,
  • clean plastic bottles, and
  • clean tins and cans

Items contaminated by food or drink are not suitable for recycling and should be put in the general waste.

We are a 'zero waste to landfill' University. The waste that we can't recycle is incinerated locally, and heats more than half of our estate. 

All waste bins are being updated with clearer labels to help us recycle and do the right thing at Sheffield Hallam.


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