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Parking Permits in Sheffield: Private Properties

By VickyBrowzer 13 Jun 2020

Moving into private accommodation for your next year of study (2020/21) and bringing your car? It's likely you will need to buy a resident parking permit issued by Sheffield City Council.

Here is some important information about parking permits in residential areas.

Especially if you have been lucky enough to bag one of the properties from the listings on our Studentpad page, it is likely you will live in a 'parking zone' meaning you will need a permit to park your vehicle on a street in this zone. 

A few pointers:  

  • The permit does not entitle you to park directly in front of your property, just in a designated space within the zone; in short - no car parking wars with the new neighbours!
  • You do not need a physical permit - it's all virtual
  • Few of you on placements? Check with housemates who is bringing a car as you can apply for 2 permits per household. You can also apply for a third permit, but additional information may be required to support the request. Be sure to split the cost fairly :)
  • Check the price is correct - it may be that you need to let the council know the date you moved in as the previous tenants' permits are still in the system.
  • Permits last for a year

Head over to the Sheffield City Council website to check if your new address is in a parking zone and for details on how to apply for a resident parking permit