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My favourite things about halls

By JordanBrowzer 16 Nov 2019

For me, student halls are the heart of life at Sheffield Hallam.

For students studying away from home, living in halls is the pinnacle of the stereotypical student lifestyle. 

Whether it's that constant community feel, meeting other people from across the nation, or no landlord worries - there are lots of positives!

The one thing that never fails to amaze me is that a few months ago you wouldn’t have known a thing about your flatmates, and within days you build a bond and discover mutual ground. Now, where else would you get that, other than student halls?

Going home for the weekend can be relaxing, especially if you're getting that home cooked grub and your dishes cleaned. It’s almost as if your family are treating you like royalty! But, you do start to miss that uni feel. Knocking on your mate’s door for a McDonald’s at 1am and the dreaded “You coming out?” question when you’re sat watching TV hoping for a quiet night in.

For the wild ones, the best thing about living in a community like student halls is that a party is never too far away! For some students, a night out can be the highlight of their week, so it’s good to know you won’t miss out.

Sheffield Hallam halls are all close to campus
 because getting out of bed for a 9am lecture is without a doubt one of the hardest thing to do in a morning, so living close to uni means you can have those extra 10 minutes before you start your day.

Houses can sometimes be a nightmare due to untrustworthy landlords (some, not all!), which can put a student at risk. Also, bills can be a problem, especially when funds are already running low, and we all know how much of a worry this can be whilst balancing a degree.

Last, but not least, the most important part of living in halls is meeting people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. You’ll notice there's somebody exactly the same as you out there, and living in halls increases your chances of meeting them!

Moved away from home, a bit unsure where to live next year, or just want an easier life? Student halls are definitely where you want to be!

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