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Moving in to The Elements made easy!

By VickyBrowzer 26 May 2020

Find out about Kate's moving in experience 

Move in day! It’s the day we’ve been waiting all summer for. An exciting and scary time; new people, new area, new beginning.

Having been through it, I'm not going to lie- all I can say is hectic! There are some things you MUST know-

  • -      Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the Elements- Queue's are CRAZY!
  • -      Have all the correct documents Printed out and in a poly pocket (keeps it all together)
  • -      If possible don't be alone on move in day. Extra arms to help carry your belongings always helps

When you arrive...

Once you get up to your room and got all your belongings in, kissed goodbye to the family (and maybe shed a tear) - go and make friends! Flatmates generally hangout in the kitchen waiting to meet everyone else. Being friendly is KEY to making new friends.

Freshers Week...

The most hyped about week in the university calendar! Get out there and enjoy yourself. This is your chance to meet new people and celebrate the beginning of your uni life. Oh and to get all the freebies!

Top Tips...

-      Bring decorations for your room (fairy lights, pictures, plants)

-      BUDGET- before moving in have a plan, be smart with your money

-      Be organised (don’t leave packing to the day before)

-      Claim your cupboard, fridge and freezer spot ASAP

-      Once settled in your room do a food shop

-      Enjoy the new experience

AND that’s a wrap!! I hope this blog helped you out.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now