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Mindfit - The Wellbeing Running Group

By JordanBrowzer 08 Oct 2019

Welcome to Mindfit - The Wellbeing Running Group

Mindfit gives you the chance to take part in a programme for students, which brings together mind and body for wellbeing through walking and running. It's an opportunity to have a structured programme and walk or run whilst having a chat.

At each run there will be at least one Run Leader and a Student Sports Activator to help guide you and accommodate different abilities and levels of fitness. We usually have three running speeds; chatty running, fitness running and race pace. After the run we enjoy a chat, warm drink and a snack, sometimes followed by meditation.


Our first meeting is on Wednesday 9th October at 2.30pm, Heart of the Campus Cafe, Collegiate Campus. Here you can enjoy a free drink, snack and have a chat with the team of Run Leaders along with the Student Sport Activators. This is an opportunity to meet the other students on the programme and get to know your running buddies.

The running starts on Wednesday 16th October at 2.30pm, meeting at Heart of the Campus Cafe, Collegiate Campus. We'll start with a warm-up activity followed by a 5 minute brisk walk and then combine running and walking, following the NHS couch to 5km programme.


Head to Student Wellbeing Services for more info and advice to support your wellbeing at uni.