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LIV Student's Tips to SQUASH the STRESS of clearing!

By JordanBrowzer 13 Aug 2019

Not got the grades you were hoping for? Or done a little better than expected?

Clearing allows universities to fill up any vacant spots on their courses but also gives you the opportunity to grab a spot on a similar or better course at the same or different university.

  • 1) Sign up to Sheffield Hallam clearing updates! This way you don't need to check the website every 2 minutes, all updates will be emailed to you.
  • 2) Consider your options, was the original course you selected the one for you? Have you had a change of heart about university? Was the university itself the right choice? There are loads of options when going through clearing, be sure you know exactly what path you would like to take. It's okay to change your mind!
  • 3) DO - speak to friends, family, parents or carers about clearing. Be sure that this is exactly what you want to do. Clearing can be a very stressful time for parents and students so make sure you inform them of your decisions, but DO make the calls yourself.
  • 4) Accommodation, probably one of the biggest fears when going through clearing. First thought... "THERE'S NOTHING LEFT, IT'S HORRIBLE, I'LL GET THE WORST ONE!" Wrong! SHU Accommodation Services will be open and on hand during the clearing chaos. Be sure to apply for accommodation as soon as you have received a course offer. There's still plenty of good quality accommodation left so don't fear!
  • 5) Personal statement - it's probably been a while since you last cast your eyes over that dreaded personal statement. Have another read through, know your strengths, skills and experience - they're going to ask you when you speak to the clearing team!
  • 6) Pen, paper, laptop & phone at the ready - clearing lines can be pretty manic. Make sure you have your UCAS ID, personal statement and course interest at the ready, and of course the pen and paper for those all important bits of info they're going to tell you!

We wish you all the best of luck for results day and clearing and hope our tips & tricks can squash the stress of clearing!