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Life hack: Budgeting

By JordanBrowzer 12 Feb 2018

If revision binges and post-exam nights out have set you on the same path as last term, it's time to learn to budget!

Aside from grabbing yourself free food, pens and other freebies at open days and careers fairs, here are some ways to make slightly more useful (and chunkier) savings!

Get student discount when you shop. Believe me, you'll miss it when you finish uni. Not sure if a store offers it? It doesn't hurt to ask!

NUS Cards. These are different to your SHUcard and give you discount to a wide range of stores and services. So, if you're one to shop, cinema, or explore, it could save you a bob or two.

Loyalty cards. Restaurants, hair salons, supermarkets, health & beauty stores, coffee chains...just about every store has them, and if you visit them regularly they're well worth signing up to.

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Voucher codes. Planning a meal out? Or a shopping trip for your next big night out? Check Voucher Codes online for discounts, 241 deals and exclusive online offers.

Food shopping hacks. Bulk buying works out cheaper if you know you're going to use the product, freezing in portion sizes helps prevent waste, and, learn to never go food shopping hungry as you're likely to buy more!

Stop falling for the supermarket offers. Supermarket 241's when you'll struggle to finish 1? STOP. The same with 342's, AND buying ok-ish sale items you wouldn't buy full price - will you really wear that 2-sizes too big t-shirt? 

Save Money at SHU Catering. Why pay more? SHU Catering have got loads of epic deals available all year round. Check out this handy guide on where to get the best bargains on campus.

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Embrace Amazon. Stop buying brand new books! Look on Amazon to get the books you need, cheaper, second hand- and, some even as good as new. Don't forget to check out the Library and Library Gateway too!

Travel cards. If you spend a lot of time on trains and buses visiting friends or family, check out the 16-25 railcard, Oyster cards or search for cheaper transport methods! Like not travelling at peak times, or using National Express/Megabus instead of the train.

Get on the guest list. Heading to the bar or club tonight? Ask to get on the guestlist to save yourself a quid or 2 on entry. It's better in your pocket than their's, and hey, you might even get in for free!

Student money saving websites. Student BeansMoney Saving ExpertUNiDAYS are all set up to give you savings on popular students products. It's time you started taking advantage.

Stop delving into the overdraft - it might seem like free money now, but it won't do when you're having to pay it off in a few years!

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