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Jessica's Blog: Moving to SHU!

By SHUJessicaBlogger 07 Sep 2019

As a second-year uni student, last year I faced what most of you are going to face in the coming weeks...

One thing I can guarantee is that it’s not as scary as it initially seems, you really quickly get the hang of things and used to your new lifestyle. What you are initially faced with is a series of minor inconveniences in the first few weeks, but all of these are solved with easy solutions and with hindsight, you wonder why they were even a problem to begin with. So my task here is to bring my experience and hindsight to make your moving in experience a bit smoother. 


Moving into your accommodation seems like a daunting experience with so much uncertainty with what is going to happen over the next year, but trust me, it's not. The assumption that this is the first time you’ll be living on your own, in most cases, isn’t true, the majority of people will be living in shared accommodation meaning you'll be surrounded by people who are in the same position as you. Having someone to talk to whilst you’re washing up, often takes the stress off feeling alone. But what you will find is that these people that you’re about to be housed with are going to have an array of different knowledge that is often invaluable. Worrying about whether your jumper can be tumble dried or if you can defrost chicken in the microwave will be something of the past, you will probably be living with someone who knows the answers.

So the first the thing to take away is to stay calm, you are not alone.

Although you may have endless lists on your phone to make sure you don't forget a single thing when you move, the one thing that you’re probably going to forget until it's too late and your parents have left is what are you going to eat on your first night?! You’re in a strange city, not entirely sure of your way around and your stomach is calling. Although not everyone is blessed with a fast food shop right next door you probably will have a convenience store stocked full of frozen pizzas and sandwiches to keep you going for the first night.
The second thing to take away is to either check what local stores are around you (and their opening hours) or plan in advance your 'first-night meal'.


While you’re unpacking, the excitement can take over and you'll want to fill your room with pictures, posters and fairy lights, but check your tenancy agreement first. Many accommodations don’t allow things to be stuck on walls and can result in hefty fines or formal warnings. Be safe, don’t chance it! Sometimes, it will mean that you have to get super creative with your decor, but what a great way to spend a rainy day when you have no lectures!

Top tip: your pinboard a great place to start, why not use some decorative pins to add something extra?

Realised you’ve forgotten something? Don't panic, most large cities will have a shopping centre that will offer a student night either during or just after freshers. This is a great opportunity to pick up all those things you might have forgotten at a discounted price, try searching for your local shopping centres student night and book ahead. Even if you are fully prepared, it is always a great shopping night for you and new friends, with some major brands giving big discounts.

Find out where your nearest shopping centre is, especially the student nights, don't miss out on the bargains!


As much as your family may infuriate you on move-in day, whether they are fussing over you, talking too much or embarrassing you in front of new people. The moment they leave and you enter your room alone it will suddenly hit you that it’s all become real. So as much as they may annoy you through the whole process, make the most of having them there to help. Hold onto that hug and remember they’re only a video call away, and it probably won’t be too long before you see them again! 

Now it's time to go and introduce yourself to your new flatmates! Remember, to enjoy this experience and good luck!

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