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How to save AND make serious cash

By JordanBrowzer 13 Aug 2019

When you arrive at Sheffield Hallam, your student loan will make your bank account look pretty healthy.

Don't go slashing the cash though, remember that you're on a budget. You need to try to make your money last because you don't want to be stuck on a diet of microwave meals all term!

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Managing your own money for the first time isn't easy, but these handy tips might mean you can afford to treat yourself every now and again...

  1. Check your statement. Once a week put aside 5 minutes and check your statement just so you don't have any surprises at the end of the month.
  2. Can you afford luxuries? That includes nights out and eating out. Once you know how much you have, you can plan little things like this to keep your social life afloat.
  3. Save money on travel. Apply for a student travel pass and don't forget your Young Person's Railcard. These are investments that will seriously cut your travel costs.
  4. Flash your ID. Whenever you go shopping, take your SHUcard with you to get that all important student discount. Some shops offer it even if it's not advertised, so it's always worth asking about.
  5. Write a shopping list. You can easily waste money on food so plan your weekly meals and you'll only buy what you need. You can always use up spare food to avoid it going to waste:

You can MAKE money too...

Despite having a student loan, this might not be enough to cover things that you need and want - so, making some cash would mean that you can fund things like new clothes and events.

  1. Get a job. Once you’ve settled in and are more familiar with the local area, you could apply for a part-time job. Update your CV and only apply for jobs that fit within your university contact hours.
  2. Sell old/unwanted clothes. If you have an ever growing wardrobe full of clothes that you barely wear, sell some of it. By using Depop, you simply upload pictures of your unwanted clothes with a small description. It’s basically Instagram but for selling and buying clothes.
  3. Car washing. Why not do a car wash for students and staff? It's a great way to get some money in your pocket without being stuck inside and you can also do it with some mates. Check the weather and get permission from your halls/university if you are using their premises beforehand though! 

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If you have any queries about managing your money whilst you're at uni, Hallam Help are always on hand to help out.