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Get home with City Taxi & the Safe Taxi Scheme

By LeeBrowzer 14 May 2014

At SHU we think it is much safer for you to get a taxi home after a night out, or if you find your self out alone - even if you haven’t got enough money with you.

Our partnership with City Taxis means you can always get home safely.

All you need to is:

  1. Phone the number below and quote Hallam Safe Taxi Scheme when you make your booking.
  2. Hand your SHUcard to the driver of the City Taxi as a deposit for your fare.
  3. Wait 48 hours, collect your SHUcard and pay for your taxi at the reception desk at Hallam Union (HUBS). 

So now there is no need to risk your safety if you find yourself unable to pay for your taxi home.

The scheme covers journeys up to approximately 5.5 miles,  and a maximum fair of £10.

Make sure you keep this number saved in your phone just in case:  City Taxis - 0114 2393939

Download the App for even quicker service... 

The City Taxi app is faster than a phone call. You can track the progress of your cab on a map as it approaches, and even call the driver anonymously to see where they're at.

No more waiting in the rain; see available taxis nearby, book one, and then always know how long it will take for the cab to turn up to your door.

Download the app now -