Free Brahma Kumaris Workshops

By SamBrowzer 09 Jan 2017

Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. Founded in India in 1937, Brahma  Kumaris has spread to over 110 countries on all continents and has had an extensive impact in many sectors as an international NGO. However, their real commitment is to helping individuals transform their perspective of the world from material to spiritual. It supports the cultivation of a deep collective consciousness of peace and of the individual dignity of each soul.

You can book to attend the free day courses on Positive thinking, Self-esteem and Meditation held at SHU

The next few courses at SHU are:

  • 22nd Jan - Positive Thinking 

  • 5th Feb - Introduction to Meditation Pt 1  

  • 12th Feb - Introduction to Meditation Pt 2 

  • 26th Feb - Positive Thinking 

  • 5th March - Self Esteem 

  • 12th March - Introduction to Meditation Pt 1

  • 19th March - Introduction to Meditation Pt 2 

Visit the website for more information about the venue and to book a place.

For more information please contact the centre co-ordinators below:  

Georgina Valentine / Julia Phythian-Adams 

Centre Co-ordinators

Sheffield Brahma Kumaris

Tel: 0114 2306781
Registered Charity No. 269971 (UK)


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