Drugs - know the risks, know how to get help

By JordanBrowzer 23 May 2018

If you could see the recipe, would you still take the risk?

Whether or not you use drugs personally, it's important to be aware of the risks. People may use drugs for many different reasons - recreationally as part of a night out, to alter mood, improve athletic performance, or even as a way of improving academic performance.

The best method of not being harmed is by not taking drugs at all, especially as you can never be sure what substances you are taking and what effect this will have on you. But if you or someone you know does choose to take them, there are steps you can take to avoid as much harm as possible:

Drug dealers don't care about your health, they only care about making a profit. This means drugs can be cut with all sorts of extra stuff to bulk them out or make them cheaper to produce. 

If you had a food allergy you wouldn't eat something before checking the ingredients first; the same logic should be applied to drugs. You, or your friends, have no way of knowing what goes into drugs before they're sold to you - you don't know the recipe, so don't take the risk!

Help & Support

There is a huge amount of support and helpful info about drugs, their effects and risks:

  • Talk to FRANK - confidential support, a free helpline and online chat service.
  • Sheffield DACT - support on drug use or addiction online, via telephone or in person. The Non-Opiates Service offers assessment, support and interventions to people using any non-opiate drugs.
  • SHU Medical Service - confidential support, or info on other services for those wishing to discuss problems relating to the use of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Students' Union Advice Centre - have lots of useful harm reduction advice.