Dark Nights, Stay Safe

By shunewsletter 17 Jan 2017

As 2017 starts and you start to look forward to the challenges and experiences it will offer please remember that the Spring is still not quite here yet and the evenings and early mornings are still dark.

Please don't start the New Year as a victim of crime

We want you to stay safe AND have fun on these dark nights, so here’s some advice how:

  • STICK TO BOTTLED DRINKS: This way you can put your thumb, or even better, a bottle stopper to stop unwanted substances being consumed. Keep an eye on them too, don’t leave your drinks unattended.
  • HOW ARE YOU GETTING HOME? Always make sure you have a travel plan before you go on a night out to ensure you are safe coming home. Don’t forget about the Safe Taxi Scheme!
  • STICK TOGETHER: Try to stick with your mates when it comes to a night out as it decreases your vulnerability and chances of being a target for crime.
  • WOULD YOU DO IT SOBER? Before trying anything you think is appropriate, ask yourself “would you do it sober?” if the answers no it’s probably best to leave it!
  • MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS FULLY CHARGED: if it gets to the end of the night and you’re on your phone you need to be able to contact your friends- don’t let your phone die because you came out on 5%.

For more advice head to the Students’ Union webpage. 

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