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Coronavirus: Maintaining Productivity from Home

By VickyBrowzer 18 Mar 2020

In response to the advice from the Government to manage the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), social distancing/self isolation has resulted in a temporary move away from face-to-face teaching to online learning at SHU as students will continue access teaching and learning from home.

Working from home or attending online lectures may be a novel idea for most and it may be hard to manage learning time effectively. With the fridge at our fingertips and Netflix only a click away, it really is important to make the most of your learning time during the day and avoid that thing are all masters of.......

Home comforts; waking up 15 minutes before your schedule begins; no one judging that half pack of hobnobs you just polished off; wearing pyjamas; hairbrush?! Don't think so! There are so many great things about working from home. Be warned however, with great benefits come great pitfalls to your productivity!

Here are just a few ways to be your best self when learning from home:

Avoid working on the sofa, bed and in blankets where possible - this also includes dressing gowns!

Curled up in a blanket nest whilst working is not only bad for your posture but trying to type or take lecture notes whilst your laptop is falling off your lap just isn't going to work in your favour. Set up a working space where possible to be efficient and in work mode

Stay away from the 'background noise' Netflix! 

Putting Netflix 'on in the background' to fill the missing chatter of lecture buddies is a dangerous game even for the professional Netflix binger! Even when it's that episode that you've seen a hundred time so you're 'not really watching it' is heading for a slippery slope. Suddenly an hour passes and you've done nothing. At worst - you may even miss an online lecture!
Maybe try some music instead and keep an eye on the time for when you need to move on to your next task or online learning is approaching.

Take screen breaks 

Taking time away from the screen to get fresh air is so important for both physical and mental health. Take a walk around the block or even out in the garden if you're self-isolating; even another room to tidy around is good!  

NHS is providing updated advice on self care to those self-isolating which can be found here. Is you are self-isolating and need support with physical and mental health, check out the latest self care COVID-19 information from Mind 

Speak to others!

With instant chat and phone calls at our fingertips, there's really no excuse to shut yourself away from the world. Call a course mate after the online lecture and make sure you're both on the same page; chat to your pals on social media; schedule in a facetime or call a family member for a chat (maybe pop down if they're only sat downstairs!) All of these are good breaks to make sure you still feel connected to people around you.

You'll even miss your lecturers when learning from home - yes really!

With the COVID-19 situation changing rapidly, working away from the university away from course mates and lecturers may be the new norm for a few weeks, or even months. Help yourselves and your uni mates learn as effectively as possible by practising a healthy approach to working effectively and scare off procrastination!

Keep up to date with the fantastic learning substitutions staff are putting into place through My Hallam

ake care and keep that work space tidy!