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Corona Virus: Advice for Students

By DomBrowzer 17 Mar 2020

Information for students

I’m a student from overseas. Should I be worried about my visa?

Due to some travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the UK government has confirmed that most people in the UK whose immigration status is affected by the coronavirus will get an automatic extension of their visa until 31 March 2020. Further UK government guidance is now available.

The government has also set up a Coronavirus Immigration Helpline: 0800 678 1767. Calls are free of charge. You can also email

What do I do if I’m worried about paying University fees/accommodation?

If you are concerned about this, contact

Information for students on placement or studying abroad

I’m currently on a placement in the UK. What should I do?

Placements in the UK continue as planned. Students should observe the placement providers’ local response to coronavirus. Academic support for placements will be delivered wherever possible remotely by email, phone and videoconferencing.

I’m currently on a placement or semester abroad. What should I do?

All students on an international placement or semester abroad have been contacted about their options. If you are currently in a country to which the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised against all but essential travel, we recommend that you return to the UK as soon as possible.

If you are outside these countries and regions, you can still curtail your period abroad and return to the UK if you so wish.

If I decide to come home, will my costs be covered?

If you are returning from a country on the FCO no-travel list, then you will be able to claim your return travel costs under the University Insurance.

If you are returning from a country which is not on the no-travel list, then you can apply for emergency funding once you have returned. If you have no available funds to pay for your ticket, please email

I am an Erasmus-funded student. Will I have to refund my grant money?

In cases where a student has met the minimum duration for their Erasmus funding (two months for a work placement, three months for a study exchange) but has been repatriated early, students may be entitled to keep a larger share of the grant because of other costs which they may have incurred (typically travel and accommodation payments) or their specific personal circumstances.

In cases where students haven’t met the required minimum duration, students may also be entitled to keep a share of their grant (subject to approval by Erasmus+).

In cases where a student’s mobility is interrupted owing to university or host organisation closures, the Erasmus grant is still available for the duration of this closure.

What will happen to my course, if I have not completed my placement or semester abroad?

On your return to the University, please contact your International Mobility Academic Co-ordinator or Placement Academic Lead to discuss alternative arrangements so you can meet the learning outcomes of your programme.

No student will be disadvantaged academically by taking a decision to cut short their stay abroad and return home due to COVID-19.

I have decided to complete my placement or semester abroad. What shall I do?

Please email to inform the University of your decision. Check your University email address regularly. The situation is changing rapidly, and we may send you further guidance.

Keep up to date with the FCO guidance, and make sure you are aware of how to seek medical assistance if the need arises. The University Insurance includes emergency medical care cover. If you need this, please call +44 207 173 7796. Support is available 24/7.

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How to contact us about coronavirus

  • Students should call Hallam Help on 0114 225 2222
  • Staff should call the Health and Safety team on 0114 225 6430
  • Alternatively, staff and students can email