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Browzer Picks: Hidden Gems in The HUBS

By JordanBrowzer 13 Aug 2019

The HUBS is home to your Students' Union and one of the top chill out spots at Sheffield Hallam!

But as well as being the go-to place to hang out with your mates, there's also one or two hidden gems to discover...

  • Free Shuttle Bus
    Need to get to the other campus? There is a FREE Shuttle Bus on weekdays from the HUBS to the Collegiate Campus and back.
  • Free Printers
    Just upload your work via the Printt App, find the free printer opposite the Activities Pod, and press print in the app on your phone.
  • Sheffield Bus Tickets
    You can buy discounted weekly bus tickets from the Help Desk in the HUBS.
  • Free Laptop Bank
    There are loads of places to study or do group work in the HUBS and you can always hire a free laptop with your SHUcard.
  • Microwaves
    Save some pennies and bring your leftovers for lunch, heat them up using the free to use microwaves in the HUBS. Bon Appetit!
  • The Common Room
    Got some time between lectures and need to rest your brain? In the HUBS there are free table tennis and pool tables in the Common Room.
  • Free Cash Machine
    Why use a cash machine that charges when there's a free one at The HUBS?!

Click here to take a tour of the Students' Union and see what all the fuss is about!