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Bramall & Charlotte Court Contract Extensions

By JordanBrowzer 02 Jun 2020

Do you live at Bramall Court or Charlotte Court? Would you like to extend your contract over the summer? Step this way...

Both Bramall Court & Charlotte Court will remain open over the summer period (July - September) after the standard 44 week contracts have finished.

So if you're on placement over summer, have an internship, are doing work related to your course, or if you just want to stay in Sheffield for that little bit longer - you can!

How do I apply for a contract extension?

Contact Accommodation Services for more info on how to extend your contract. If you decide that you'd like to extend your stay we'll confirm the total price and get you to complete a booking form. 

Only current tenants at Bramall Court & Charlotte Court are able to apply for an extension of contract.

I don't live at Bramall or Charlotte Court but need accommodation over summer!

Don't worry, we've got you! Check out the other options for short term accommodation in Sheffield.