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Amy's Blog: Holiday packing done right

By SHUAmyBlogger 31 May 2020

We all know that when it comes to going on holiday there are countless opportunities to cement memories in the form of photos, after all, how else are you going to make other people jealous. Yet there is the struggle of wanting to look stylish but having to be realistic about the amount you can squeeze into a suitcase. Therefore, it is always best to plan ahead so you know precisely what to take instead of having a mismatched mess. 

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Plan ahead

My first piece of advice is to plan ahead. Preparation is key in achieving a seamless holiday style because you don’t want to be rushing around last minute, frantically grabbing random clothes. The aim of a getaway is to relax so the best way to do this is to make an outfit plan. This can be tailored to your holiday destination or suitable for the weather but it’s always worth checking the forecast first as you can’t always guarantee good weather. Once you have found out all the details, you’ll probably begin to get an idea of what kind of garments you’ll need.

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Have an idea of your activities

What you want to wear can change depending on what activities you have planned. If you are swimming, then you might want a change of costume or focus more on beachwear. If you’re going on a more active holiday you may need more sportswear. It is always a good idea to have a brief outline of an itinerary for each day because then you can prepare your outfits ahead of time and tailor them to any trips, tours or tasks you might want to sign up to.

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Check cultural rules

You should also check to make sure you are aware of any cultural rules before venturing to places. There can be religious regulations that you are required to abide by and can sometimes it can be classed as a crime to not respect them. For women, it mainly will be focused on covering up to remain modest. 

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Check the weather

Unfortunately, the warm summer weather can’t always be confidently relied upon. Therefore, to avoid a sudden downpour or frosty chill ruining your eagerness to explore, it is vital to take some clothes that will cover you in case. Throw in a lightweight yet warm jumper that is simple to layer up but also doesn’t take up much room and you'll thank yourself later if the temperature does drop on an evening. Always check the weather a few days before you go to allow yourself to get a clearer idea of which kind of climate to tailor your clothes to.

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Roll, don't fold

A handy tip for being able to increase the number of clothes you can fit in your suitcase is to roll rather than fold. Not only does this enable you to cram in more outfit possibilities but it makes it so much simpler to unpack when you arrive. This technique also eliminates the number of creases your clothes will gather.

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Make a note of each outfit planned

When you get on holiday, so much might have happened between you packing and arriving that it may be difficult to remember the reason for certain clothes. Therefore, to make your dressing absolutely effortless, take photos or make a note of each outfit you've planned. Then you’ll save yourself the stress of trying to find an outfit to put together.

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