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Amy's Blog: Cosy Christmas clothes

By SHUAmyBlogger 02 Dec 2019

When dusk starts to draw in earlier, the urge to spend winter evenings snuggled up on the sofa in front of a toasty fire is too hard to resist. The best way to feel comfy usually means abandoning your office clothes as soon as you step in the door and relaxing in your cosiest pyjamas. However, I have a few top tips to make you feel even more soothed from the harsh chill outside.

I would recommend treating yourself to a onesie. Not only are they uplifting to wear by coming in a range of adorable animals or characters, but they are so warm. It is as though you are safe in a magic bubble of fleecy blankets. Yet there is no hardship at exposing yourself to the cold when moving off the sofa because these adult versions of Babygro’s maintain a consistently snug feel. An amazing plan, to avoid leaving the house but remain social, is to buy matching versions for you and your friends so you can all have a fun night in watching Christmas movies. 


If a onesie isn’t for you (as there can be trouble easily popping to the loo in them), then you could prefer a twosie. This is basically a onesie cut in half to make it into a top and trouser set. They come in the same Sherpa style fleecing to make you prepared for a stress-free night. Getting into these lounging clothes so early on in the afternoon ensures you will be determined to avoid going outside again as you’ll not even want to move to get into bed. 

Fleece pyjamas are the ideal alternative to nestle down in instead of a onesie. Since sometimes you can easily overheat when sat in front of a roaring fire or you might prefer to just sit under a mountain of throws rather than wear one. When buying these always look for brushed cotton because it will feel the softest and it is breathable, so you won’t feel like you are in a sweltering pile of sweaty synthetics. I always tend to go for the traditional shirt styles with dainty patterns of robins and snowflakes to get me in the exciting December mindset.


Fluffy socks are a staple of a winter wardrobe for me because cold toes send a shiver up my spine and I immediately want to curl up to protect them from the harsh frostiness that seeps out of lino and tiled floors. Slippers also help contribute to preserving the heat of your feet as they cherish them in a soft lining of fleecy fabric, enabling you to feel like you are resting on top of a fluffy dog for comfort. They come in a range of styles: you can get little boots or just simple slip ons but either are better than the painful thought of bare feet. 

Bundling up as though you are ready for hibernation may be what you feel like doing, however, you might not want the dramatic switch to nightwear at the beginning of an evening as it can tend you make you a lot more likely to nap. This happy balance can be achieved by an oversized jumper. You can choose between thin ones to layer up; fun novelty ones to make you feel all festive; or rich velour versions that are heavenly against your skin to make you feel like royalty. Whichever is your personal preference, a jumper is a great midway point that helps you to feel cosy but also allows for a more productive vibe than just sleeping the whole evening away. 


I believe that blankets and hot water bottles are essential to complete the perfect Christmas mood so shouldn’t be overlooked. Recently, I found the ultimate hot water bottle (at Home Bargains so it is a student-friendly price of less than £10), which is long instead of being wide. Let me assure you it is revolutionary. It prevents the tough decision of whether to warm up your body or feet as can stretch all the way down to the bottom of your bed, so no more waking up with chilly toes, and all the more blankets you can borrow under it with the better!

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