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A Typical Day in the Life of An Athelete

By VickyBrowzer 12 Mar 2020

Hey! My name is Kate.

A little bit about me – I’m an international athlete for Ireland. I've competed at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and came in 2nd place at the European U20 championships in 2019 in the heptathlon. 
As a quick summary, a heptathlon is a track and field combined events contest made up of seven events over 2 days of competition. The events are – hurdles, highjump, longjump, shotput, 200m, javelin and the 800m race.

Because the heptathlon has so many events, training takes up a lot of my time. A typical day for me would look something like this....

  • 8am: Wake up

(an actual representation of me every morning)

  • 9am: Uni classes generally last 2-3 hours a day for me at Colligiate campus.
  • 1pm: Straight from uni to the bus stop where I am headed for the English Institute of Sport for training. Training can last anywhere from 3-5 hours
  • 5pm: I head back to The Elements and make dinner
  • 7pm: Chill out for the evening whilst catching up on social media, Netflix or chill with my friends. I do also use this time to do a little bit of uni work 

For my schedule to work so well, The Elements is positioned perfectly for me. It has made everything so accessible. The facilities of the Elements means I am able to come home after a long day to a warm flat, get into a hot shower whenever I want (without waiting for anyone else) and enjoy the great kitchen space to cook dinner.

Hopefully this gave you some insight into what my life looks like!

Until next time