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A risk-free way to book your 20/21- The Trigon and Brittain Street

By DomBrowzer 16 Apr 2020

A message from one of SHU's official accommodation partners, The Trigon, about their risk-free booking policy.

A risk-free way to book your 20/21 student accommodation for Sheffield Hallam University

Here at The Trigon and One Brittain Street we’re totally committed to helping students planning on coming to Sheffield Hallam this coming September.

We know the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a worrying time and makes planning pretty hard. So, we’d like to reassure you and your parents that Derwent Students are here to minimise your financial risk, you can book your accommodation with us safe in the knowledge that you won’t be out of pocket.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you can’t take up your place at SHU due to COVID-19 you will be able to cancel your booking without incurring any costs.
  • We won’t ask you to pay our usual deposit of £250 until the COVID19 restrictions have been lifted or your University has confirmed your starting date.
  • If the start of the academic year is delayed due to COVID-19 we’ll adjust the start/finish dates of your tenancy in line with the new academic year –you’ll only pay for your room once the academic year starts.

It goes without saying that student’s wellbeing and safety including reducing financial worries are key priorities for us during this time. We hope the above offers you some surety when it comes to booking your accommodation for what we hope will be an exciting new step in your academic life!

If you have any questions about how to book risk free then please do give us a call on 0114 294 5680, we’ll be happy to talk you through how it will work.


Applications for September are open now, and more info can be found on the SHU accommodation site here.