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Scott Sutherland School Raise Money for Front Line Staff

By JCooper 23 Apr 2020

RGU Staff from The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Build Environment are raising money for local front line staff and those working behind the scenes to help support the fight against Covid-19.

 "As we are all aware the fight against Covid-19 requires each and everyone of us to do our bit in any which way we can, it will take all our efforts to beat this.

To support those who are at the front-line saving lives and those who are behind the scenes producing and supplying our daily needs the staff at Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, at Robert Gordon University, would like to invite you to add to these efforts by performing sponsored activities and nominating 5 others within the RGU community to take part, all we ask is for at least a £5 donation. 

Sponsored activities can be part of our daily outdoor activity allowance or by completing indoor workouts or challenges - basically any activity that adds mental and physical positivity to our lives during lock-down. "

Here's how you can get involved

  1. Choose an Activity
  2.  Make a donation (minimum of £5) on JustGiving 
  3. Nominate 5 colleagues from the wider University community
  4. Share your images, videos, and stories with the team (contact details below)

We also want to create a Prosperity Album on which we can all look back on when we are once again all together in our beautiful university with our wonderful inspirational students. The album will showcase the selfies you take whilst undertaking your sponsored activity, together with any wording you would like to go with them.

Please take your selfies and send them to l.l.robertson1@rgu.ac.uk

Finally, we would like to thank all who take part in this fundraising campaign. We will let you know in the coming weeks how much our combined efforts have raised and where we have been able to help out.

Follow Scott Sutherland School FB page for all future updates. 

Any questions? Contact Lesley Robertson, Bassam Bjeirmi or Helen Aggasild, Scott Sutherland School RGU.

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