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RGU Buddy Blog : The Benefits of Exercise to Students

By JCooper 28 Apr 2020

Written on the 28th April 2020 by our Student Buddy, Mercy Ogunnusi (HND, PGD, MSc, MCIOB)

PhD Study and Back Pain during COVID-19 Lock Down

“Mercy I am off,” Benny would whisper to me from the corridor on the 5th floor of one of the blocks of Sir Ian wood building while on her way to the gym. She was then a PhD student while I was a Masters student. We were always running into each other in one of the computer rooms on 5th floor, my regular study hide-out in RGU because of the beautiful and exciting landscape view it offers.

Alas! Even with the great scenery, I was seriously battling with back pains. It was a night mare for me when my plans for a PhD study finally came through.  Three to four years of long study hours battling with frequent back pains was something I could not imagine.

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But, I made up my mind that I would commence the program and back pain will not stop me while I will also look for solutions to this problem.

From some investigations around, I realised that I must make exercise a part of my routine like my friend Benny. I then realised what Benny was enjoying from her daily trip to the gym. A routine of exercise became my new way of life and I have now found it to be especially beneficial during the COVID-19 Lockdown.


Unable to go to the gym recently, I have found two good aerobic exercise sessions on Youtube. I have since been a regular visitor to this site everyday between 7 - 8 am where I participate in different exercises.

You know what? I have done longer hours of work at my desk at home over the last one month and alas I do not have any remembrance of back pains anymore!

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You may give it a trial as you check out this link.

Exercising is very important in this journey. Take time out periodically to stretch your muscles for effective functionality.

Keep FIT and Stay SAFE!

Written on the 28th April 2020 by our Student Buddy, Mercy Ogunnusi (HND, PGD, MSc, MCIOB)