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Quiz: What kind of Fresher are you?

By bzbeth 17 Oct 2019

You have settled into university life, hopefully made some new friends and mastered student cooking...

Now it's time to assess the past few weeks and find out what sort of Fresher you currently and are most likely to be over the next year at university.

From party animals to introverts, we have every type of Fresher covered. All that's left to do now is to find out which one best describes you:

1. It’s your first night in halls, what do you do? 

A. Get an early night and get ahead with some reading.
B. Call home and send photos of your new room.
C. Head out, take some Instagram photos and try out English cuisine! 
D. Go to a Freshers event and pinch a traffic cone on your way home.

2. You have an introductory lecture at 9am, you:

A. Arrive 10 minutes early with your laptop ready to go.
B. FaceTime a friend on the way to the lecture.
C. Go to the lecture with your new friends.
D. You’re too hungover to even consider it.

3. You’re at your Freshers’ Fair, what do you do first?

A. Sign up for the smaller societies (e.g. university magazine).
B. Buy some posters and plants to make your room more homely.
C. Head to international societies to meet some Study Abroad students.
D. Sign up for every sports society, their socials are the best!

4. It’s the first week of lectures, how has it gone?

A. Great! Went to every lecture and have started on the secondary reading list.  
B. I'm so homesick, I have already organised to go visit my friends at other universities.
C. So much fun! I have visited the tourist attractions in the city and tried out British food.
D. I made it to one lecture. Freshers’ is for partying, not studying!

5. Your parents say they are going to visit soon – how do you feel?

A. So stressed, I’m going to have to miss a library day to schedule them in.
C. My parents live so far away, they are definitely not coming to visit. 
D. Not too fussed, having a blast away from home!

6. How would your flatmates describe you?

A. I don’t really know them – quiet and tidy maybe?
B. An emotional mess and disaster chef. I’m not used to being away from home.
C. An honorary Brit. I can even make bangers and mash now!
D. Loud. Messy. Hungover?

  • Mostly A's? You are a book worm. You prioritise your studies over the party animal lifestyle. You have worked far too hard to get your place at uni, only to throw it away on booze and Freshers' Flu. You can cook, clean and make friends. You have pretty much-mastered adulthood. 
  • Mostly B's? You are a home bird through and through. Your family and home friends mean the absolute world to you, and you kind of regret leaving them behind. You have experienced intense homesickness in your first fortnight and can't wait to be reunited with your family. Try not to focus on what you have left behind and make the most of all the friends you will make on campus!
  • Mostly C's? You are an international student, who is slowly starting to understand British culture. You have watched British Freshers do the weirdest things. You have started to explore the UK, tried some of England's finest cuisine and your flatmates even call you the "Honorary Brit." 
  • Mostly D's? You are the stereotypical British Fresher and you're the loudest and wildest of the bunch. You are here to party and don't plan on studying until second year. At least you have loads of friends and a cracking social life!  

Bring on second semester!

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