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Not sure where to live next year? Take our quiz!

By BZashleigh 26 Nov 2018

As the end of first term is creeping up on us, it might be time to think about where you want to live next year...

Whether you're thinking of living on your own in a cosy studio or sharing a six-bedroom house, there are pros and cons to all living options. Not sure which is best for you? Take our quiz to find out.

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1. What's your budget looking like?
You've got a tight budget and want everything included in the price
You've got a limit in mind but are open to adjusting it 
You don't mind spending a bit more so you can have your own space 
d) You'd like to save a bit of money 

2. What kind of bedroom would you prefer?
You don't really mind as long as it's modern and practical
A spacious one - I'm definitely not ending up with the box room!
Somewhere cosy that has everything I need in it
You don't mind about personalising it, as long as it feels homely

3. How do you feel about paying bills?
You'd rather them be included in the price
You're sure you and your flatmates can work it out
You're happy to be in control of them 
You'd rather someone else take the responsibility

4. After a busy day of lectures, you like to...
Have pre-drinks with your flatmates then head into town
Have a movie night in with your BFF
Chill in your room bingeing on Netflix
Relax with a home-cooked meal and chat about your day

5. Happy to do housework?
 You're happy to clean your room but want communal areas cleaned
b) If everyone chips in, the house will be kept clean and tidy
c) You're happy to do it as long as you're not tidying up after others
d) You're pretty tidy and clean up after yourself but don't want the responsibility of cleaning the whole house   

The Answers

Mostly As

You should live in halls.
Whether it's on campus or rented privately, you love being surrounded by fellow students and enjoy the security and ideal location that halls provide. 

Mostly Bs

You should live in a shared house. 
You like living with other students but not on a large scale like in halls. You don't mind having to arrange your own bills and you're still quite close to uni so the commute isn't too far. 

Mostly Cs

You should live in a self-contained flat or studio.
You're quite independent and don't mind living on your own. You enjoy doing what you want when you want without the stress of flatmates. 

Mostly Ds

You should live in a family home.
This could mean moving back home if you live close enough to the university or trying a homeshare - these are particularly popular for international students. 

Good luck with your house hunting! 

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