Living with a Feline Flatmate

By JCooper 15 May 2020

Written by Rachel Grant - Team Leader of the RGU Student Help Point team

A cat companion is the perfect flatmate; they are always happy to see you, they never care about your appearance, and you can tell them anything: your secret is safe!

Scientific studies have revealed both physical and emotional benefits to living with a cat. Our blood pressure drops while we stroke our pet, and our stress levels also reduce.

It is believed that owning a cat can reduce the risk of both heart disease and stroke. Further, a cat’s purr has been shown to be of benefit to joint injury, due to its vibration at a frequency of 20-140 HZ. A 2002 National Institutes of Health study that found children who lived with a cat were less likely to develop various allergies.

a cat lying on a bed

According to the Cats Protection, “Cats can be therapeutic for those with depression, dementia or autism. Stroking a feline friend can help reduce high blood pressure and improve the recovery of trauma victims. Caring for pets can also be helpful as part of the rehabilitation of offenders.” (

A 9500 year old grave in Cyprus is the first evidence of a human / cat relationship, where a human and feline were found buried together. It is believed that cats were initially domesticated in the Middle East, where their excellence at rodent control initiated a mutually beneficial relationship with mankind. Today, cats are one of our favourite pets, and as a cat owner I can thoroughly recommend their sweet companionship!

a cat lying on a bed

Here is a photo of my purrfect pet Tessa. She is a rescue from the Cats Protection, and is nine years young (middle-aged in human years). Much to her owner’s relief, she has never hunted, although she does enjoy stalking seagulls from a safe distance.

The Student Help Point and RGU ResLife teams are all animal lovers, and reap the benefits of owning pets.  Here are some more of the cats who are enjoying us working from home at the moment! 

a black cat sitting on a counter

Bazon the treasured companion of Haider Al-Mashhadanie (Student Help Point Advisor)

a cat sitting on top of a stuffed animal

Bailey the four legged friend of Laura Pollock (ResLife Coordinator) 

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