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How to be supermarket savvy...

By BzAimee 29 Sep 2020

Need to go food shopping? It's a chore that nobody loves but if you're a budget, it's definitely not the most enjoyable task.

Being low on cash means you need to some saving tips under your belt before your hunger blurs your senses. Here goes...

Loo roll: It's all about the thickness, not the cheapness! Maybe saving the dollar goes too far when you're getting through a pack of 12 every week. Invest in a quality multipack and it'll last long enough.

toilet roll

Multiple packs of fruit/veg: Yes, a pack of 4 jacket potatoes and a triple pack of peppers looks good but loose veggies work out cheaper and save on waste. Come on, we all only buy peppers for the red ones anyway!

a variety of fruits and vegetables

2 for £2: Before you throw two in the trolley, have a look at the original price and work out how much you will actually save. Would you have bothered without the offer? Probably not.

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Own brands: Supermarket shelves are arranged so that brands and luxury items are at eye level and the cheaper stuff is at the bottom. You are less inclined to bend down for a less attractive pack but we guarantee you that most of the time, the contents taste the same.

a store filled with lots of food

Music: Supermarkets play music at a low bpm which is slower than your resting heartbeat to try to keep you nice and relaxed, hoping to encourage you to stay and spend more money but do what you gotta do and get out of there!

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Grab a bargain: If you ever need to run out and get something for tonight's tea, supermarkets reduce items that are about to expire late in the evening making it the perfect time to pick up a bargain.

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Hungry shoppers: Avoid going food shopping on an empty stomach otherwise you subconsciously pick up way more stuff because you're absolutely Hank Marvin. You're more inclined to buy junk food too.

a woman sitting on the floor eating a bag of crisps in a supermarket

You can thank us later!

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