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FOOS YER DOOS?! - Spotlight on Aberdeen Culture

By JCooper 23 Sep 2020

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Aberdeen - The Granite City

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city, based in the North East of Scotland on the North Sea and situated between two rivers, the Dee and the Don.  The city is famous for its Granite buildings, as granite was quarried locally until the 70s before the discovery of oil in the North Sea.  The City has two Universities, RGU and Aberdeen University, making Aberdeen the educational centre of the North East of Scotland.  Your University is located on the banks of the River Dee and The University of Aberdeen, founded in 1495 is located in Old Aberdeen.  

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Doric is the dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland, commonly heard in Aberdeen and around Aberdeenshire and Moray. Check out the RGU DORIC DICTIONARY 


(Similar to ‘Fit Like’ it means 'how are you?'. Literally translated as How are your pigeons? Response would be Nae Bad or Jist Chavvin’)


(Doric for Girls and Boys – ‘Fit like Quine/Loon?’)


(Many a dreich day in Aberdeen! This means overcast and pretty miserable. Bonnie is the word for the opposite and can be used to describe anything of beauty)


(People from the Country or People from the Town)


(Words for what and where e.g. ‘Fit hav ye bin deein?’ means ‘what have you been doing?’ and ‘Far Hav Ye Bin?’ Means ‘where have you been?’)


(We like a double OO! You may see that a lot of words are replaced with a double oo to make that very Scottish OOOH sound so instead of Out and about, we say OOT AND ABOOT! Down = doon Town = Toon

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Food & Drink

  • Rowies

Our local delicacy – basically a bakery good which contains more fat than your average breakfast food. You can find them in local bakeries and even some supermarkets.  Also known as a Buttery or Aberdeen Roll.  Everyone has a different preference on how to eat them, hot or cold, butter or jam? Try one and see what you think!

  • Haggis Neep and Tatties

Not exclusively Aberdonian, more of a Scottish dish often eaten on Burns Night or St Andrews Day. The national dish of Scotland, a type of pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep (or other animal), minced and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices. The mixture is packed into a sheep's stomach and boiled.  You can also get Vegetarian Haggis if you don't like the sound of that...  Neeps = Turnips and Tatties = Potatoes.

  • Brewdog

Home of Craft Beer giant Brewdog is Ellon, a village in Aberdeenshire.

  • Deans Shortbread

Shortbread is a sweet biscuit/ cookie often served with a cup of tea or coffee at yer grannies hoose.

  • The Deep Fried Mars Bar

Aberdeen, for some reason like to claim this as their own invention.  We all love a ‘chipper’ in Aberdeen, which is what we call a Fish and Chip shop.  Basically, if its deep fried, we will claim it as our own!

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