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Creating a Study Space in your Home

By JCooper 27 Apr 2020

Studying from home? Preparing for Exams? We've put together some tips to make any environment as study-friendly as possible!  No matter what your environment is, you can make small changes that can help you stay focused when studying. 

  • Create a Cleaning Schedule  : Spending just 30 minutes a day clearing your desk, doing your laundry, or giving your room a clean will help you stay in a routine and will keep your environment free of distractions. 
  • Organise your desk : Keeping notes, books and stationery organised will save time and keep you focused on your studies and will decrease your stress levels
  • Open a Window : Even if you have already taken your hour of exercise outside, you can still get much needed fresh air just by opening a window and keeping your study area well ventilated. This will help you stay alert and help with concentration levels.
  • Invest in a House Plant : House plants will help to purify the air in your room and are proven to help with general wellbeing.  You can buy a house plant at most Supermarkets when you are doing your weekly shop. 

Studying in Student Accommodation/Halls

Sharing your accommodation with others can be tough at the best of times, so being in Lock Down and studying for your exams whilst in Student Accommodation will have its challenges. Remember you still have to adhere to government rules and Self Isolate as a household, which means staying in your own flat and only going out when it is absolutely essential. It could be tempting to visit a friend in another flat, but please do not do this as it will put yourself and others at risk of spreading infection. #StayHomeSaveLives

  • Keep your room clean, ventilated and free of distractions 
  • Take regular breaks and utilize the common area in your flat to get up, stretch and get a cuppa!
  • If you are living with flat mates, make a point of sitting down together for lunch if you can so you are still getting social interaction. (only when appropriate to do so)
  • Remember there will be site staff, or ResLife who are on site to help if you are feeling overwhelmed or need someone to speak to over the phone, video or email.

Staying in Private Flat/HMO 

You might be living in a Private Flat alone, with flat mates or with family. Remember the same rules apply and you must self isolate as a household, only making essential trips, as infrequently as possible. Staying in a small flat with limited communal space can be tricky, especially if, like many, your flat doesn't have it's own garden.  There are small things you can do to make things that bit easier for you and other household members. 

  • Keep your space clean, tidy and well ventilated
  • Make a dedicated study space if you can, even if it is a small corner of your room
  • Make the most of your 1 hour exercise a day and go outside, especially if you don't have a garden to get fresh air. (following social distancing rules)
  • Keep a rota for cleaning and tidying communal areas and bathrooms 
  • If you need to make any adjustments to your study area, like new furniture or putting up a pin board, always get in touch with your landlord first to ask permission. 
  • If you are living with young family, stick to a rota and have daily 'Quiet Time' for kids so you can spend time studying.
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Staying at Your Family Home

If you're back home with your parents or guardians, being around family constantly can get pretty stressful! Especially if there are younger siblings to contend with. You'll have to all self isolate as a household which means you might be spending more time together than you're used to. This could mean concentrating on your studies is proving to be difficult.

  • Keep your study space clean, tidy and well ventilated
  • Create a dedicated study space with limited distractions in a quite place if possible
  • Sit down with your family and try to talk openly about how much time and space you need to study, and how they can best support you with this
  • Stay Connected to your Class Mates and Flat Mates Online for mutual support
  • Utilize any outdoor space you may have to exercise, stretch and get fresh air when you're taking a break

RGU Student Support Services are still operating and are here to help you. You can get in touch with the below services via ASK RGU.

For more tips on Studying from Home check out our Pinterest Board here! 

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