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Around the world in 8 dishes

By bzellie 08 Jun 2021

Going on a summer holiday this year doesn't look likely, so instead, we're bringing your holiday home.

One of the best things about going on holiday (apart from enjoying the glorious sunshine) is eating the local cuisine, so we've brought you some of the most delicious meals wherever you were dreaming of jetting off in the world. 


We all know and love paella and if you've made it before then you'll know its actually really easy to make! The best thing about this is that you can just about put anything into it, so make it your own.

Another Spanish dish we know and love is tapas, there's nothing better than being able to pick at multiple meals at once! Here are recipes for all the tapas dishes you could ever want:

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A bit like paella Mexican food can be so versatile, we've brought you two dishes that you can add-in or change however you like. 

Enchaladas are a simple dish to make but just be careful on the spice level, they may not look spicy but can really pack a punch, just put in as much or little spice as you like.

French fries nachos, beef nachos, cheesy nachos, you name them, we love them. Depending on which type of nachos you want there will be a recipe for it, be as daring as you like...

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Who doesn't love Italian food?! There's something for everyone, you couldn't go to Italy and not have pizza and pasta, it's a must! So seeing as we're bringing holiday home, we've got a delicious pizza and risotto recipe for you to try.

A buttery bowl risotto with the added goodness of mushrooms is the perfect meal to whip up that'll be sure to fill you.

Get your housemates together and make a night of making pizzas, try your hand at tossing the dough and see who creates the best pizza. Another great thing about pizzas is that you can personalise them with as many different toppings as you'd like.

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Perfect for lunch or dinner on a summers day, a greek salad is a great light refreshing meal you can put together in a couple of minutes, perfect so you're not wasting time inside on a lovely summers day.

If you were looking forward to having a delicious Gyros on holiday, then don't worry it is actually pretty simple to make at home, Tasty has done a simple video follow, check out the recipe here.



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